Hello and welcome to Sophie’s Kitchen. This blog has been a wonderful therapeutic journey, which I have enjoyed enormously, and I hope you do too!

Just a short time ago I was in very ill health. Not only did I battle my way through leukaemia, and the awful side effects of the drugs I was given to help me stay alive.  I was also twenty pounds overweight, which I was really struggling to lose.

I managed to successfully overcome this with a great deal of help by using the right nutrition and being in a positive state of mind.

Unfortunately to make matters worse I then suffered a massive stroke due to radiation I received as part of my cancer treatment 14 years ago. The stroke had a pretty devastating effect on my life & I was left in a coma for a week before I woke up to find I was completely paralysed down the left side of my body. I was wheel chair bound for 5 months, which made me really focus my mind on what is really important in my life. I cannot stress enough how ” Your health is your wealth”.

However throughout I remained determined to overcome my disability and will continue with this mind set until I have made a complete 100% recovery.

Through dedication and patience I have managed to re-program my brain and my ability to learn to walk again. I have gained fantastic vitality and health through learning and practicing excellent nutrition and daily exercise.

While I was off work recovering I decided to complete a Diploma in Nutrition with The Blackford Centre of Nutrition where I graduated with a distinction in 2013. I have now taken my studies even further and training to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist with The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, and I have now finished my three years of study and set up my nutrition company.

My philosophy is that I will always be continually learning the newest and very best nutritional advancements and this will be an on-going practice. I will be able to share with you the very best advice and the latest useful tips of knowledge.

I decided to retrain as a nutritionist as I know what I’ve learnt and personally practice is astonishing.

I’m passionate about assisting others to be the very best versions of themselves possible. My friends and family have asked me numerous times to share my new found knowledge, and Sophie’s Kitchen is my way of organising all the wonderful information I have gathered on my journey of recovery.

I have now a new sense of confidence and no brain fog.

I am my ideal weight and no longer struggle to maintain my weight. My digestion and bloating problems have now gone. My energy and fatigue I had experienced for so long have disappeared!

I want this blog to help you enjoy the same incredible benefits as easily as I do. This can be achieved without sacrificing your favourite foods. I want you to have the knowledge and recipes that I have created to help me on my journey of recovery. I also want you to benefit from the useful collection of information I have learnt on my journey to good health and vitality.

I understand how daunting it is to change your diet and way of thinking about food. However what I have learnt and now practice has really assisted me in my recovery and I really know now that my lifes purpose is to assist others on their own journey to good health and vitality through educating people on how you can eating nutrient rich foods and really enjoy all the flavours.


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